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Greetings from Nikko Green !!!


We are Glad to introduce our Solar Lighting systems for Domestic and Commercial usage. We also have a Unique Range for Street lightings and Portable Solar Lights.

Solar Lamp is a light fixture composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic Solar Panel, and a Rechargeable Battery. Outdoor lamps may have a lamp, Solar Panel and battery integrated in one unit. Indoor solar lamps, also referred to as Shaft Less Skylights or Tubeless Skylights, have separately-mounted solar panels and are used for general illumination where centrally generated power is not conveniently or economically available. A Solar Lantern is a lantern that provides portable light at night and recharges using the sun's energy.


Solar-powered household lighting may displace light sources such as kerosene lamps, saving money for the user, and reducing fire and pollution hazards.

Solar Lamps recharge during the day. Automatic outdoor lamps turn on at dusk and remain illuminated overnight, depending on how much sunlight they receive during the day.

To reduce the overall cost of a solar lighting system, energy saving lamps like  LED lamp type is used, since incandescent bulbs consumes several times as much ENERGY for a given quantity of light.


Solar Garden lights are used for decoration, and come in a wide variety of designs. They are sometimes holiday-themed and may come in animal shapes. They are frequently used to mark footpaths or the areas around swimming pools. Some Solar lights do not provide as much light as a line-powered lighting system, but they are easily installed and maintained, and provide a cheaper alternative to wired lamps.


Solar Street Lights provide public lighting without use of an electrical grid; they may have individual panels for each lamp of a system, or may have a large central Solar Panel and battery bank to power multiple lamps.

Solar LED lantern in rural India, Solar lamps, commonly called Solar lanterns, using LEDs is being used to replace KEROSINE LAMPs.


Our Products:-

  1. Solar LED Lantern,
  2. Solar Home Lighting System with Shade & Bulb,
  3. Solar Home Lighting with Wall Mount Lights,
  4. Solar Street Lights & Lawn Lights,
  5. Solar UPS from 850VA and Above.


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